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R/CBD - CBD isolate oral dosage

any did. had Has to anyones this Q: Ours reactions dog product? adverse



  • any did. had Has to anyones this Q: Ours reactions dog product? adverse
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  • I was just wondering if anyone on here has had similar experiences with any of the oral stuff. PS: I have never observed any adverse effects, but I have not used oral If you are happy with the product and find it to be effective great. Sub q fluids (once a day), that's what I gave to my dog that had. 4 days ago Reader Q's · About .. This product has killed thousands of dogs I was one of the lucky ones. My daughters 6 month old healthy puppy just got very ill 24 hours . Hi, I have the same side effects with one of my Shar-pei, she is the only one . Has anyone had their dog act aggressive after taking bravecto?. My dog suffered similar adverse reactions like those other dogs who have been given this I gave my dog nexgard for tics before his dinner and he threw up 3 hours later. Like our Facebook page to stay in the know on amazing new products. products and businesses, and as such the views expressed do not reflect the.

    any did. had Has to anyones this Q: Ours reactions dog product? adverse

    HELP, what else can I do. I was so hoping Bravecto would solve my problem. Also the ticks will still hop on to her -and they will attach and have to feed for Bravecto to kill them.

    Have you tried a collar? Spraying with an essential oil hydrosol before you go out into the vineyard? Thanks for the tips. I am definitely going to try the essential oil solution!

    I will return the Bravecto and see how the oils work before I try anything else. My dog sleeps in bed with me and he has been on bravecto. Hes been fine but my worry is me! Ive found multiple alive ticks crawling on my bed and once on me after sleeping all night! Will they bite after biting the dog? Most likely scenario here is that the ticks have hitched a ride inside on your dog but have not attached and bitten him.

    Less likely is the tick did attach to your dog and fed, but then dropped off for some reason without being killed. Normally once a tick attaches to a host and starts feeding, it will stay attached until it is engorged, then drops off to lay eggs — unless feeding is disrupted by a human physically removing it, or being exposed to a chemical such as fluralaner or another acaracide.

    Bravecto has no repellent properties, so live ticks will definitely crawl onto the dog — and off the dog if they do not attach and feed. His kidneys were failing and he has to be on special dog food for life. Not worth the risk.

    Every report is very important! I live in an arena with a lot of tricks and only used daily checks as a preventief method. I think topical threatments are more appropriate. I like Vectra 3D a lot, since it repels without the ticks needing to bite.

    In your experience would it be a safe bet for dog that might be prone to seizures? If signs of sensitivity occur, bathe your dog with mild soap or shampoo and rinse with large amounts of water. If signs of individual dog sensitivity occur and persist, contact your veterinarian. Gastrointestinal signs such as vomiting or diarrhea have also been reported.

    This is where the skin feels like pins and needles, and the dog may rub its skin, pant, or tremble as a result. My vet just gave me NexGuard for my 2month old 5lb puppy. I havnt given it to her yet since I am always unsure about giving these types of pills to my dogs.

    After reading the reviews I am more unsure then ever now on what to do. My other 7yr old dog has had a few flea problems due to another dog but never have had a tick and he goes hiking with me all time.

    I know that I would injest this toxic pill and I feel the same for my dogs. Your pup is just over the minimum weight 4 lb and age 8 weeks recommended on the Nexgard product insert. I guess we each have to decide the level of risk we are comfortable with for our dogs.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Nexgard. Dry flaky skin is listed as a side effect on the product insert. I am very glad your dog seems to have had no other side effects from using this drug. I live in a paralysis tic area and my border collie is very much an inside dog — with lots of bush walks and time outside on our 14 acres.

    I must admit to feeling bad about giving my friend this potent chemical ie Nexgard. He has no apparent side effects, but as you say, who knows long term! I gave my previous BC Frontline plus, but he did get ticks a few times and I checked him weekly and if he showed any signs of staggers or illness, would have a very thorough check until i found the horrid little thing.

    I have only had my latest rescued BC boy a year and have seen the ticks on his fur before they have had time to embed, useful to have a half white -faced dog. I am wondering if the use of Frontline plus is better as far a toxicity goes as more frequent application would mean a less concentrated dose in his system as must happen with Nexgard and also if the application to the skin would mean that the chemical has less effect on his whole body???

    Keep in mind that in order for Nexgard to kill ticks, they MUST attach to your dog and consume blood. Nexgard is a systemic drug. Conversely, fipronil Frontline chemical is not appreciably absorbed into the body: The bioavailability of topically-applied fipronil is generally accepted as here. This is not to say that adverse events have not been reported for Frontline, because they have.

    It is a difficult decision, knowing what is best to use, especially in your case where you are dealing with paralysis ticks. We live in a wooded area and miss Lulu loves to run around. What could I use for tick prevention if I placed her back on Comfortis. I have not had any issues as of yet with Nexgard other than I gave it to her over 24 hours ago and she had fleas that were alive on her.

    Keep in mind that the fleas must bite her to be exposed to the drug and be killed. That is also true for Comfortis.

    Sometimes if there are large numbers of adult fleas in the area, the fact that you continue to see them on the dog is simply because it takes time for the majority of the flea population to hop on, bite, and then die. As for options for tick prevention if using Comfortis, you could use Preventic collar.

    All other traditional products out there are for multiple pests meaning fleas and ticks, plus sometimes others critters as well. Hoping Miss Lulu continues in good health and is pest-free! I found a rose geranium oil very effective. Or as a spray mix with water and spray their coat before going out. My dog visits a place thats loaded with tics is on frontline plus and the combo works great. Gentle reminder to be cautious about where you source your essential oils.

    As with most things, quality varies widely, and both effectiveness and safety are at stake with a poor quality oil. I live in an area with ticks. I have a 5 years old Golden Retriever, about 66 lb, very athletic which needs to run and swim.

    However it appears that Merial has discontinued it — not officially but per my call to them, has been on back order for a very long time. I am looking for advice of what to use to replace it. Before Certifect I was using FrontlinePlus, but clearly was not effective — ticks got attached and could stay there for more than 24 hours.

    I see NexGard which is Not a topical, Seresto which is a different thing, etc. Thanks you for any advice. Both labels claim repellent properties. Do not use this product on debilitated, aged, medicated, pregnant or nursing dogs, or dogs known to be sensitive to pesticide products without first consulting a veterinarian. Monitor your dog after application.

    Individual sensitivity, such as slight transitory redness, erythema, itching -pruritus- or other signs of discomfort at the site of application, may occur after using ANY pesticide product for dogs. Gastrointestinal signs such as vomiting or diarrhea have also been reported, if these signs occur, consult your veterinarian or call us at Advantix II label warnings: For external use on dogs only.

    Do not use on animals other than dogs. Do not use on puppies under seven weeks of age. As with any product, consult your veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, pregnant or nursing animals. Individual sensitivities, while rare, may occur after using ANY pesticide product for pets. If signs persist, or become more severe, consult a veterinarian immediately. If your animal is on medication, consult your veterinarian before using this or any other product.

    I have a Jack russell terrier with skin allergies. I cannot use a topical on her. Now our vet sold us the Bravecto against my better judgement. What should I do? I can only tell you that I will not use Bravecto in my dog nor will I prescribe it. Sure, dogs take the drug all the time and have no apparent side effects. I am just not comfortable with the level of risk I perceive to be there.

    Question — do you have an existing flea problem? Does your dog frequent tick-infested areas? Trying to assess what her level of risk is for fleas and ticks, since she has sensitive skin. I gave my two dogs Bravecto on March 28 and the older one started to drink almost three times her usual amount of water I keep their bowls separated so I could monitor their water intake. The drug was prescribed by my vet who told me it was absolutely safe.

    I wish I did research it before giving it to the dogs. I have a woods behind my home and occasionally see deer in them so I keep my dogs on an enclosed patio and small grassy area and I keep the grass in the area very low and frequently inspect their skin.

    I did not know about flea brushes but will get one of those ASAP. I realize large dogs may need more exercise but many of the people who have written about their experiences mention breeds which are small!

    They get their exercise by walking or running with me on a leash on the street for a half hour each day and I do not allow them to go on peoples lawns. I rather have them safe than to give them these horrible chemicals and so they are in the house much of the spring, summer and fall.

    They seem very happy with walking on sidewalks and roads — happier than if they would get fleas or sick from these chemicals. I do not think they will pick up ticks doing the above. But if I would see any fleas I would take them to the vet immediately to have them thoroughly bathed professionally. We live in the country and the ticks are all over our yard. Our dog just walks on road and is in yard, but still picks up ticks. She gets ticks on herself daily.

    This is a very good point, Michelle. Ticks are often present in grassy areas outside of the woods. Are you using a tick control product? I have three dogs that I have been giving Nexguard since December. One of them has had two seizures. Took her to the vet after the first one and he was not concerned only if they became frequent.

    She just had her second seizure Friday night. I got to thinking Nexguard is the only thing we have changed and started researching. I do not plan to continue this medication. Thank you for all of the posts. Nexgard has a precaution on the product insert about use in dogs with a history of seizures.

    Although we cannot say whether Nexgard caused her two seizures, or if there is another cause such as epilepsy , continuing to use Nexgard could cause more seizures. I believe you are making the right choice by discontinuing it. Please consider reporting this by following this link.

    Sending healing thoughts her way! Thank you everyone for sharing all of your experiences. My labrador retriever, 3 yrs old next month started having seizures in January, We started oral Nexgard in July , but he was with a dog sitter until we moved him to us in November His seizures are mild and he recovers quickly.

    Nexgard has a warning on the product insert about use in dogs with seizure disorders. I hope his health improves over the coming months! It was totally out of the blue and bizarre but I just started nexgard a few months ago and am beginning to think it is causing this. However, the Nexgard product insert has a caution statement about use of this product in dogs with seizure disorders.

    Therefore, I would advise any of my clients to not use Nexgard in a dog that has had even one seizure. Please consult with your veterinarian about it. Here is a link to the product insert. I started giving my keeshond nexgard when he was 11 months old. He is now 19 months. He had his 1st seizure 3 months ago after I gave him nexgard and heartgard pill. Took him to emergency animal hospital and he continued to have cluster of seizures for 2 days.

    The vet said maybe from epilepsy not nexgard that caused it. He has not had a seizure since leaving the hospital in Feb. I gave him a nexgard and heartgard pill 2 days ago. Should I be worried. Nexgard has a specific precaution on the label: We cannot say whether Nexgard caused the first seizure, or if he has epilepsy. However, the fact that he has a seizure disorder means that when he takes Nexgard, the drug could lower his seizure threshold and cause him to have more seizures.

    Nexgard has this warning because in the field study, some dogs with a history of seizures had seizures occur after they took Nexgard. I do hope he continues to be OK and does not have a seizure following this most recent dose you gave him. I strongly encourage you to ask your veterinarian about what the product insert says regarding seizure precautions.

    I have just purchased a Bravecto from my vet today and after reading all these comments i am thinking not to give it to her at all!

    My 3 year old yorkie had issues with Nexgard in the past — i noticed a lot of scratching and sudden hair loss. We had similar symptoms when I used to apply Frontline on her. For the past few months i have been using the Comfortis tablet and I was so happy with it as there were no side effects on her at all. Today Comfortis was out of stock at my local vet and he kind of convinced me to try Bravecto on her.

    Thanks to all of your comments i am now having back-thoughts about Bravecto. What should i do? Well, Nexgard and Bravecto contain chemicals that are in the same family.

    If Comfortis worked for her, you could ask your vet to order some for you, or provide a prescription so you can order it. Comfortis also has had adverse events reported all drugs have — but the upside to it in your case is you know your own dog has been OK while using it in the past.

    If you give Bravecto and she has a reaction, the drug will be in her body for at least 3 months with no way to remove it. I hope this helps you! Thank you for sharing your go-to pharmacy.

    It can be purchased from Amazon very inexpensively. Within 2 weeks both of us were off the Rx meds. Been pain free for about 8 months now. I take 2 caps a day and give the dog 1 a day. Open the capsule and sprinkle it on his canned food. Thanks for sharing this. I had not heard of this product before. It contains esterified fatty acids, extracted from bovine tallow oil. So appears to be very safe, as you mention. I am thrilled you both have found relief by using it!

    It has been exactly one month and after week two i noticed he started losing his fur and seeing white flakes. I wish i had read these reviews before hand. I will no longer give him this. Hoping his skin will improve as the drug leaves his system. Ask your vet about starting an omega-3 product daily to help his dry skin. There have been hundreds of reports to Merck, FDA, and EMA about skin-related issues, including itching, hair loss, redness, flakiness, hot spots, scabs, etc.

    It may take months for healing to occur. Sending healing thoughts his way!! Hi Elizabeth Carney, I have used Nexgard for my standard poodles.

    I do not like using any chemicals on them but have not found any natural product effective against fleas and ticks. The dogs have not so far had any adverse reaction to the product and do not have any medical problems. Do you know of a better product to use? May I ask, how many months or years have you been using Nexgard in your standard poodles? At the most, we have 2. My own strategy is a mixture of using Advantix topically on my dog when we travel meaning she may have it applied to her times per year , with daily combing and rubbing essential oil blend on her legs and belly before we walk in the morning.

    So far this is working for me. May I ask specifically what essential oil you use? I like the idea of homeopathy for my pup.

    For pest control, I use Dr. Here is a link to a newsletter she wrote about how she uses essential oil blends on her own pets. I do not try to blend my own — she has taken the guesswork out of how much of each one to use. I do not use other brands, because I trust the safety of her oils.

    Even essential oils, if low quality or used incorrectly, can cause side effects. Chico has skin issues since starting nex guard some 4 months ago…constantly scratches. Must go back to frontline. I have to wait at least a week before i get the bravecto because i had to mail the script to pet meds so i got him one nexgard thinking that he would be protected untill i received the bravecto.

    The chemical in Advantix distributes through the fat layer in the skin after you apply it down the back. This is how it can provide protection while using such a small amount of liquid. Has Advantix been effective for you in the past?

    Itchy skin after ingesting Nexgard is being reported fairly often. Please consider reporting the side effect using this link so that we can accurately track adverse events.

    I hope your bully feels better soon! I have bee giving my dogs Bravecto for over a year with no side effects. I have 4 dogs and each takes a different pill. I was amazed how fast it started working. Within 2 hours of the 1st dose they were scratching and fleas were dying. The fleas were brought in by 1 dog. When we got him he was covered in fleas. No ticks and no fleas now makes this a happy family. Thank you for sharing your experience with Bravecto. Best wishes for continued health! No side affects at all.

    We live on 13 acres and they love to run and play. I absolutely Love it!! No side effects at all and a perfect protection against ticks. Once they bite the dog, they die immediately. Seem to get paralyzed and just fall off the dog without sucking a single drop of blood. I keep asking myself HOW it is possible that there are really so many negative opinions about this product, so many serious health problems caused by it and only minority of the dogs seems to remain in health and no side effect.

    I am glad your dog has had no side effects while using Nexgard. I do want to point out that the ONLY way ticks are being killed on your dog is by attaching and sucking blood. There are dogs who experience side effects with this drug and others a majority who do not experience side effects. I am trying to figure out if we can pinpoint what sensitivity may exist in certain dogs that make this drug more risky for them.

    Best wishes to you and your dog. We live in a highly wooded area and have already begun have issues with ticks this year. And does it take a full month for that to happen? Please help with any advice, I feel horrible for submitting the poor little guy to this! There is no real antidote to Nexgard, and it does take at least a month for the drug to leave the body. In the meantime, some folks have been using herbs such as milk thistle to help support the liver.

    Finally, please report this side effect to FDA and the manufacturer, following this link. Sending healing thoughts to your pup! My advice is get to a holistic vet immediately to detox him. If it has caused side effects, it is more than likely they will not go away. My Austrailan Sheppard mix is still having seizures from a year ago after taking Bravecto.

    My baby is a 4 year old shitzu-poodle mutt. We do not know what the father was. She got sick about 3 days after her first dose. Threw up for three days, and was lethargic for 2 weeks. It took almost 3 weeks for her to bounce back.

    I just gave her her second dose. She stopped eating yesterday. I have her on boiled chicked and water, and am expecting the vomiting to start tonight.

    She used to be on bravecto but my vet carries this in nexgard in stock and asked me to try it. Zioe now has very itchy skin, and not feeling well. I am going back to bravecto. There could be another part of the pill that is causing her to not feel well also — we have little idea what other ingredients the manufacturers put in the pills. Please consider reporting her side effects following this link.

    Why on eArth would you give a second dose after such a severe response to the first dose?? I have heard people are being told side effects may become less after the 2nd and 3rd dose. I do hope this little Shih Tzu feels better very soon! I read every post its sent to my email. I think this is a great thread. My dog is spends a lot of time in active tick and flea areas and this product seems to work very well without any noticeable side effects. Prior to using this product, all my previous labs suffered with both fleas and ticks depending on the time of year.

    He does a lot of swimming, including power dives when retrieving, and is bathed frequently, so this might be removing dead ticks. Glad your Lab has not experienced any side effects since using Bravecto.

    There is no evidence that a person can get Lyme disease from the air, food or water, from sexual contact, or directly from wild or domestic animals. There is no convincing evidence that Lyme disease can be transmitted by insects such as mosquitoes, flies, or fleas.

    I give my hunting beagle nexgard. And can i still put a flea and tick replant or flea collar on him while on nexgard? I am sure he has lots of tick exposure when out in the field hunting, so I can understand your need to keep him well protected. What did you use before giving Nexgard?

    I gave my small dog a quarter bravecto tablet as directed by the ladies who work at the vet. Be now is scratching terribly and is really unsettled going quite crazy actually. Please contact your vet and report his symptoms. Besides helping you with treatment to ease his itching, your vet should also offer to report this to the manufacturer and FDA. If the vet is not willing to do so, you can report yourself following instructions at this link.

    Your vet probably has not seen adverse event reports for this drug, many vets deny there are side effects. Links to the reports are here and here. I do hope your little guy will be feeling better very soon! Thank you so much for your reply! I gave my border collie Bravecto 2 weeks ago, and every since he has been extremely itchy all over. It is driving him crazy and I feel like there is nothing i can really do for him until it wears off. He has never had allergies and did not have any fleas or mites.

    I work as a vet tech and tried giving him a medicated bath as well as antihistamines. I also called the Bravecto company. They claimed that itchiness is NOT at all a common side effect of Bravecto. Perhaps Merck made that statement based on the product insert side effects, which were based on a field study of only dogs. Was this the first time he has taken Bravecto? If Nexgard and Bravecto is used systemically,the tick needs to bite the dog to get the poison to die, how is this effective?

    Is there still a chance to contract Lyme disease from the tick bite? This does not sound like prevention but postvention. Am I wrong about this? Yes, ticks must bite and ingest blood to be exposed to the drugs in Nexgard and Bravecto. The question of whether Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases can be contracted depends highly on how quickly the tick is killed after biting the dog. We know with Borrelia the bacteria the causes Lyme disease , the tick must be attached and feeding for at least 24 hours to transmit to the dog.

    I am not sure if the same statistics apply in a real world situation or not. Good morning, we used Revolution for many years and now we are told that Bravecto combine with Heartguard for heartworm is better. I use a mixture of essential oils as an insect repellent well I have to admit that sometimes we forget to spray the dogs … but we need something for ticks — the number keeps growing year after year and since we mostly walk in wooded areas we need to protect our dogs.

    They do bring back ticks on a weekly basis. What is your opinion — stick with Revolution or change for the combination of Bravecto and Heartguard? IS it true that Bravecto is good for only 8 weeks for some kind of ticks and good for 12 weeks for others? Bravecto has approval for 12 weeks for the brown dog tick, American dog tick, and black legged tick. It has approval for 8 weeks for the lone star tick. My opinion is that I will not use Bravecto on my dog and will not prescribe it either.

    I cannot predict which dog will have side effects, and once the drug is in the body, there is little I can do to remove it. I feel the risk is greater than the benefit. I know some of my colleagues will disagree with this. Revolution only has approval for control of the American dog tick. When you remember to spray your dogs with your essential oil mix, does it work to repel ticks?

    I agree with you, no Bravecto for my dogs. For the essential oils mixture, it is good for flies and mosquitos but in regards of the number of ticks I removed last summer, I would say that it is not tick repulsive … but the dogs smells very good! I am looking for a different combination of oils that can do the job, still searching.

    Revolution does not have a repellent claim on its label. Revolution also is indicated for the treatment and control of sarcoptic mange Sarcoptes scabiei and for the control of tick infestations due to Dermacentor variabilis. For use in dogs only, it is for treatment and prevention of fleas, ticks brown dog tick, American dog tick, deer tick, Lone star tick , mosquitoes, biting flies, and lice — for 4 weeks.

    Advantix II is a topical treatment that does not get absorbed systemically into the body. It is overseen by EPA. Hope this helps to clarify the differences between the two products! I have a male 6lbs 7oz Pomeranian who is 6 yrs old.

    I had been using topical flea treatment but gave him Nexgard after my vet said that the topical may not be working as well for him. I asked a lot of questions about it because I was worried about side effects and that it is ingested.

    So, I was able to try Nexgard for free and I gave it to him a couple of weeks ago. For the first day or so, he was fine so I figure it made its way into his system.

    Since then, he has vomited another time and also has hacked, again more than usual like he was going to vomit, a few times. Should I forget about giving him this medicine? And will he be okay when it filters out of him if I stop it? Ultimately you must decide if you want to continue giving him Nexgard.

    Vomiting and diarrhea are known side effects of Nexgard. Many dogs who experience side effects have restored health after the drug has cleared their system. If you have on-going concerns about his GI distress, you should consult your vet. Best wishes to him for healing! Just took our Chihuahua to the vet this morning with the same symptoms was given Nexgard 1 month ago He has pancreatitis! I will never use this medication again and am going all natural with cedarwood oils, brewers yeast, garlic, and rosemary!!!!!!!

    He appeared to develop a tick paralysis. Started giving him doxy because his Lyme titer was very high and NexGard. He made a good recovery.

    April 1, I gave him more NexGard. The next day he had nausea and vomiting which resolved, only to return a few days later. Blood tests indicate he has pancreatitis. What do you recommend giving a dog with a 6 month old baby? We live in a highly wooded area and spring has sprung and so has the fleas and ticks!

    Topicals and collars are often problematic. If you are looking for a more natural method, here is a link to a newsletter written by Dr. Melissa Shelton, and in it she explains what she does for her dogs.

    After 4 days, she was vomiting bial and had no appetite. Full blood panel test was ordered. Test results were pushed through reflecting pancreatitis. She is on clavamox and digestive system food. I refused to use it again on my dog and seeking organic treatment.

    My dog does eat a lot of human food although never had a reaction like this with stomach gurgling, loss of appetite, depressed, vomiting and diarrhea. I believe she even got worms and was treated for that as well. How can Nexgard be excluded from the differential list? You gave a systemic drug, and shortly thereafter, your dog experienced significant GI side effects that have continued.

    Vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, and lethargy are in the top 5 side effects noted on the product insert. Could it be pancreatitis and not associated with Nexgard? Could Nexgard be causing her clinical signs? We are trained as veterinarians to create a differential list including all possible causes. I do not understand why my colleagues reject the possibility that a systemic drug could be causing side effects. I find it to be madness. Instructions for reporting are found here.

    Fervently hoping your girl makes a full recovery!! So sorry to read your dog is sick! Please be careful about the quality of any essential oils and supplements you use, as well as the doses of all of them. Natural treatments can also be harmful if not used properly. Sending healing thoughts your way and hoping your little one feels better very soon!

    Now I am really frightened about the Bravest that we gave our Irish Water Spaniel about a month and a half ago. I have also heard from multiple people about their dogs experiencing urinary problems. Just my 2 cents. Ok so I have just read all the above about Bravecto versus Nexgard.

    I have just recently had my mums pup with a flea issue and we are doing everything possible but she still has a couple of fleas. In desperation I sort advice from a vet and they advised and sold me Bravecto. If I had have read the above there is no way on gods earth I would have given it to her.

    Having said that, my babe has always been really timid, I am talking timid beyond timid. I have noticed her getting worse over the last few years…. I have to give her something to protect her from the horrid paralysis tick so god I hope I am doing the right thing in continuing with the Nexgard. I know it is 3 months cover instead of one but this is my babe. I will do what needs to be done, however regular I need to do it.

    Just a comment after reading the above. Thanks for your comment. I know how difficult it is to decide what to do here. However, given your valid concerns about the paralysis tick, you must take some action vs doing nothing. Risk-benefit in your case seems to weigh on the side of using Nexgard. Good luck to you! I have been giving Bravecto to my two working springers for several months now and it has been brilliant. Living on the moors they regularly picked up ticks and fleas and have been flea and tick free for months now.

    I would thoroughly recommend it and no side affects at all. Thank you for sharing your experience using Bravecto. I wish them continued good health! I too hope Maggie will be fine after giving her Bravecto. If you already have an existing flea infestation in your house, then you might consider having the house treated while you and all family members and pets are out of the house. This will greatly knock back the fleas, and with Maggie treated with Bravecto, it should break the flea life cycle.

    My dog had demodex Patterdale terrier very badly. All the hair on his back fell out. I read that bravecto has shown excellent results treating demodex mites, so although a risk, we tried it.

    It has been brilliant — his demodex has gone and he is flea free. I do accept that most dog owners would be cautious about trying something new, but for my little dog, Bravecto has been a godsend and was a less risky option that the other treatments. Thanks for sharing your experience with using Bravecto to treat demodex. I am hearing from my colleagues that it is being widely used for this, although this use is extra-label.

    Demodectic mange can be very difficult to manage, and some of the traditional treatments can also be toxic. Good product, helps our small dog travel in our car. My dog used to puke in the car.. Skip to main content Search. Best cerenia tablets for dogs What makes these the best picks? Nutramax Denamarin Tablets for Cats and Dogs 4.

    Has anyones dog had any adverse reactions to this product? I've had two dog on it and neither had any problems. Is yours allergic to anything? What was the reaction? What are diffrent Salves for itchy bumps all over dogs skin A: Not sure what Denamarin has to do with itchy bumps and salves.

    Denamarin is a liver support item. I need mg if I order the "large dog " is that the about of mg's? It doesn't say A: Yes, for dogs 30 lbs. It helps our dog. Where is product manufactured? I am not sure but the doctor recommended it for our dog. I didn't notice any change until after about 4 months, so it is slow acting. I break the tab into 4 parts with my fingers and add it to their food every morning.

    Best cerenia tablets for dogs

    If the side effects had been presented to us as they have in our research, we would When we did recognize that something was going on with our dog, we did what we . I agree Pam, I think anyone would have done the same. . I'm tired of the vets that promote the product like Banfield who is going to. And help spread the word so this doesn't happen to anyone else. The vet suggested she might not like her diet dog food (which she'd It was over this weekend, I googled “Dermaxx side effects” and He'd given it to lots of dogs over the years and never had any . We didn't realize it was ours, too. Nexgard was released to the market first, followed by Bravecto. Within 48 hours of administration, both kill ticks. Remember that none of the flea/tick products or methods of control and dog may have side effects from these drugs, and if side effects occur, I cannot remove the drug from the dog's body.].

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    If the side effects had been presented to us as they have in our research, we would When we did recognize that something was going on with our dog, we did what we . I agree Pam, I think anyone would have done the same. . I'm tired of the vets that promote the product like Banfield who is going to.


    And help spread the word so this doesn't happen to anyone else. The vet suggested she might not like her diet dog food (which she'd It was over this weekend, I googled “Dermaxx side effects” and He'd given it to lots of dogs over the years and never had any . We didn't realize it was ours, too.

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